Ciléa was established by the artist painter Stéphane Ravel in Paris in 1992. we produce hand-made resin fashion jewellery. Our earrings, rings, brooches and necklaces are entirely handmade in our workshop in France. Each item is cut out, shaped and hand painted, thus continuing the same technique used by the former Monique Védié atelier (Line Vautrin period).

   Reference: Dictionnaire international du bijou, Collectif sous la direction de Marguerite de Cerval, Editions du Regard, Paris, 1998.

   Cilea collections are permanently on sale at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, (“The world’s greatest museum of art and design “).

   To celebrate our 20th anniversary and to mark this event, Ciléa is opening today its first online shop:

   On our website you will discover four models, each in 18 colors.