how to mix and match

Your new resolution for 2021? Dare to mix and match the colors! Whether it is in your dressing, your decoration, or even in your plate, choosing colors will bring joy in your life.

Here are some ideas to get started in the art of mixing and matching colors on your outfits.

The basic rule:  Do not combine more than 3 colors together. All colors can be mixed together, but in order to keep a visual harmony, try to respect this basic rule: less than 3 !

A bright color + a soft color: combining a powerful color with a softer shade is a winning bet. It can be two shades of the same color (example: fuchsia pink and pastel pink), or two different colors (emerald green and pastel coral). With your jewelry, this can be applied in the choice of the outfit + jewelry combo.

Conversely, on a patterned fabric, an outfit in very bright colors or already including several colors, a white or pale-colored jewel will bring a touch of chic without weighing down your outfit.

Some examples :

Bright patterns + White jewelry = A fresh and bright style!


Bordeaux + Bright yellow = The perfect combo of bright colors!


White + Orange = A colorful style that’s easy to wear.



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