Hair clips, the new sure thing for a beautiful hairstyle every day It’s not a big news, the women hair clips are making their comeback since a long time. Accessory that we wore as a child, they are becoming trendy again for all ages! Whether it’s flower, bow or abstract barrettes, the hair clip for […]


It takes our craftsmen many years of experience to be able to make this fancy and colourful barrette.
The luminous and singular rendering of this top-of-the-range jewel is obtained following the work of the material in various forms: matification, brilliance, pearlization, deformation or inclusion of the resin. 

Our artisanal process :
. The costume jewellery we offer is entirely handmade by our team of craftsmen. Each piece of jewellery is therefore unique and has its own particularities and charm. 
. The dyes used are made by hand, which may result in slight variations in colour from one piece of jewellery to another. 

Production and delivery times :
. We do our utmost to create your future jewellery as quickly as possible. Many of our pieces are produced to order, which means that the production time for your order varies depending on the demand and the piece ordered. Our production times vary between 1 and 5 working days (except during periods of high demand: end of year celebrations, etc.). 
. Delivery times vary according to the mode of transport chosen during the confirmation of your order. It is necessary to count between 24 and 72 hours on average for France, and between 48 and 5 working days for abroad. More information on the “Delivery” page.

Advice for the conservation of your jewels:
. Do not leave your jewellery in the sun.
. Do not expose them to water, perfume or any household product.
. To clean them, use a soft cloth slightly moistened. Rubbing well is very effective for cleaning and bringing shine to the metal parts of your jewellery.
. Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place.
. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hair clips, the new sure thing for a beautiful hairstyle every day

It’s not a big news, the women hair clips are making their comeback since a long time. Accessory that we wore as a child, they are becoming trendy again for all ages! Whether it’s flower, bow or abstract barrettes, the hair clip for women is back in the trends. From the fashion week runways to the most casual outfits, this retro hair accessory worthy of a high fashion show embellishes all hairstyles.


The very first hair accessory invented by man seems to have been the comb, the remains of which have been found in Scandinavia dating back to 8,000 BC. The comb was then made of carved bone.
Then, the first hair accessories close to the barrettes having been discovered are the hairpins in metal, ivory, bronze and carved wood. They were discovered in ancient Assyria and Egypt. They had then a purely useful function, because they were used to maintain the hair. The hair clips were then reserved for the wealthier classes of Egypt. They were later found among the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Romans. Then, in the 9th century, this accessory took place in the Chinese culture in the form of wooden combs.
Later, in the Middle Ages, women adorned their hair with this chiseled and decorated accessory. From 1760, in America, combs were made from tortoise shells. In the West in the 18th and 19th centuries, “lead combs” were used to give a gray tint to hair, but in return, they were a source of lead poisoning, which is a disease of acute lead poisoning. But don’t panic, this technique is obviously no longer used today. Our bars are guaranteed lead-free!

However, despite worldwide use, the use of the comb poses a major problem; it does not hold on straight hair. It slips and falls, which prevents its use for a large part of the population. To solve this problem, in 1901, Godward Ernest, an English engineer, revolutionized the history of hair accessories by inventing the spiral hairpin. This invention allowed him to make a fortune and turned the world of women’s hair clips upside down because they are the ancestors of the current hair clips.
Thereafter, it is the period of “La Belle Epoque”, (which lasted from the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the First World War in 1914), which used the use of hair accessories to decorate the looks of the time. Marked by economic, social, technological and political progress in Europe, it was a deflagration in the world of fashion, highlighting the eccentric feathers, ribbons and golden fabric. Women then adorned themselves with elaborate hairstyles, of which the rigid curls are today the main symbol. Whatever the haircut, it is very graphic and disciplined to create hairstyles with imposing volume. They accumulate accessories on the head, whether with headbands, barrettes, pins or combs. Each accessory is decorated and refined, encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones or pearls, and sculpted from a multitude of materials, such as bones – which recall the origins of jewelry -, natural horn, tortoiseshell or bronze…
This period imposes the barrettes as real jewels in their own right. They take their letters of nobility and diversify to be used as barrettes of marriage, or for child. In the 1930’s, this phenomenon became even more widespread and many barrettes were created at that time, with feathers, rhinestones or even lacquered objects. Thus, if for many years, the barrettes were reserved only for utility purposes, today the barrettes embellish and multiply under an infinity of forms and combinations. They are absolutely everywhere and especially on the heads of fashionistas.


Dress up your hairstyles with delicate hair clips for a chic, understated look. Looking for wedding hair accessories? Or simply a piece of jewelry for a sober trendy look? We’re going to tell you about the different combinations possible to sublimate your hairstyles. Both discreet and colorful, this hair accessory is the essential accessory for tying up and sublimating your rebellious locks for an evening hairstyle, a delicate adornment that will be the final touch to your outfit.

Any occasion is good to use a hair clip! Whether it’s to perfect your casual style or for a more chic look for special occasions. It is suitable for all types of hair, whether red, brown, blonde, short, long, … You don’t have to ask yourself any more questions when you find your favorite. These jewels of hair are also useful; they retain the hair, or clear the face when we have too short locks that fall constantly on the eyes. There are several combinations to use a barrette to sublimate your hairstyle? Rather Art Deco trend with gold in abundance? Or 30’s lacquered? The vintage maxi barrettes enhance the elegance of a discreet outfit, while the more classic gold barrettes will illuminate your hair. We also suggest that you accumulate your hair accessories to create a unique and original hairstyle. Today, Ciléa Bijoux offers you several shapes of hair clips: from the most refined and graphic to the largest and most colorful.


1. The half ponytail or half bun; a romantic and glamorous look

This is the trendiest way to wear a barrette! No matter how long or short your hair is, this style goes with everything. Glamorous and elegant, it can be worn on any occasion, whether it’s for a big event or for your daily life. It is declined in several categories: the half ponytail curved, flat, …
This hairstyle marries wonderfully with the big hair clips for women, whether graphic or floral. To spice up your look a little, you can even opt for a more playful colored barrette, which will break the classic side of this irresistible hairstyle. It will bring some fantasy to your hairstyle. You can choose any combination, from colorful anemones to golden Berenice that will illuminate your sacred lengths. The best way to make it stand out is to choose a hair clip color that contrasts with your hair color. For example, avoid a mimosa yellow hair clip if you’re a blonde, or a caramel one for chestnuts. Our favorite is the red barrette, which goes with all shades. If you want to know more about how to wear red, go here!

How to do it: it’s very simple, you just have to grab two strands of hair more or less thick on both sides of your face. You bring them back to the center of your back head to join them and tie them together with your hair clip.



2. The braid; a poetic and melodious hairstyle

You need to be patient if you want to achieve this spring hairstyle! First, space out three strands of hair at the top of the head. Isolate the three strands of hair into three equal parts to start your braid.  Next, you’ll need to intertwine the strands (it’s hard to describe this step in writing, but there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that can help!) But, overall, this braid consists of adding a small strand of hair taken from the loose hair to each strand of the braid with each hand movement that you bring back to the center while braiding. You will need to continue these steps until you reach the ends of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic band. The barrette can then be placed at the source of the braid for a guaranteed romantic effect!
Good to know: once the braid is finished, you can also roll it up from the end into a bun. The barrette will then hold the bun from the top.


3. The “side hair”, a chic and contemporary look

Who has never tried to achieve this hairstyle during their youth? Back to basics, it follows the trend of simplicity. We only add a little touch of color to our hair with butterflies or flowers for a romantic and flowery addition. Holding back just a strand of hair on the side of the face, we place the hair clip fairly horizontally on her hairstyle, then opt for flatter clips, or small clips, like our unique flowers Anemone, Geraniums, or Pansy timeless. Glamorous and natural look guaranteed, to look like a delicate princess, between charm and poetry. 


4. Natural hair, the hairstyle that welcomes all hair jewels

This hairstyle, which is very similar to the previous one, is however slightly less worked. It is dedicated to everyday hairstyles, to be worn every day without being afraid of doing too much. The jewel hair clip will be like the icing on the cake for a poetic and delicate look. This hairstyle will be even more ideal if your hair is fine: the hair clip will blend perfectly for a wedding party or Christmas gift dressed.


5. The ponytail, a practical and elegant hairstyle

The base… It’s the timeless classic of the hairstyle with hair clips. All you have to do is make a low tail with a fancy barrette to hold the whole hair together. The result is classic and very practical! It replaces the banal elastics without personality for an original hair jewel. 

6. The barrette duo, the top trend of 2021

This is the big news of 2020! Accumulation is becoming the norm and the more you put in, the more you stand out. So, we dare to combine several hair clips to sophisticate a hairstyle or simply to hold back a rebellious lock. Here, we mix ultra-feminine floral accessories to bring a lyricism to her hairstyle. But the mixture of styles and materials is also very recommended!  The trick is to dare to express yourself through your accessories.

7. The tousled side hair, for a more rock-n-roll look

Subtle variant of the side hair, it is declined with a touch of casualness. This hairstyle is done on natural hair. You need to take the hair that falls on one side of your face and twist it, then bring the twisted strand back to your neck and over the opposite shoulder. Next, you need to successfully secure the movement with your hair clip, which should be able to hold the entire strand you’ve grabbed. You can modulate your hairstyle depending on the width of your barrette. 
Good to know: place your barrette vertically. That way, it will hold the width of the strand. 


Are you looking for a chic hair clip or a flower clip? We have a selection of hair clips to help you find your unique hair clip! Find your hair clip at Ciléa, a trendy and essential hair accessory:

The Iris hair clip is very imposing and available in two colors.
The Jeanne hair clip intrigues with its exclusive material. Designed for special occasions, it is available in several colors and three different materials.
The Pomerole barrette is the latest addition to the Montmartre collection, and is perfect for everyday wear. It can be combined with all hairstyles, for a very trendy look. We appreciate its mix of abstraction and realism, between decorative art and refined graphics.
The choice is yours!

Note: You can contact us if you want to create your own unique wedding hair clip. We will do our best to make your wedding barrette unforgettable and wonderful! We will also give you all our advices to realize a hairstyle with our barrettes for a magical result. Contact us via our “Custom-made” service.

See you soon !

Ambre and Améline

Source : https://www.vox-humana.fr/histoire-de-la-barrette-a-cheveux/