ANÉMONE, Maxi Button Earrings


Imposing flowery earrings with a thousand colors. 

Notice to lovers of eccentric earrings. The Poppy or Anemone earrings stand out and highlight the features of the face and a discreet outfit. Ideal for highlighting a color detail in your style.

Did you know that? In ancient times, the Poppy was a symbol of sleep, resurrection and fertility. A perfect love gift, right? 

. Handmade in France since 1992. 
. Workshop labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France”.
. Feather weight: 9 grams per pair.
. Dimensions : 5 cm diameter.
. Composition : Emaline, our unique material made from a resin enamelled in our workshop in Rennes.
. Suitable for pierced ears, and not pierced thanks to our Clip system.



These Anemone or Poppy earrings (your choice) owe their brilliance to the material Emaline. From the artisanal cutting to their coloring, all the work that follows requires a long period of acquisition.  

Unique and singular earrings :

. These jewels that we propose you 100% Made in France by our team of craftsmen. Each jewel, in the image of each one of you, has its particularities and its immense charm. 
. All our dyes come entirely from our French Manufacture. Also, all the Ciléa jewels will not be alike from one to another. 

Delays for the delivery of my high fashion earrings :

. Manufacturing time: between 1 to 5 working days (if not in a rush period, as during the end of the year celebrations). These delays are explained by the presence of a majority of products to order. 
. Delivery time: they depend on the chosen mode of transport. To know how to receive your jewel as soon as possible, go to the DELIVERY page.  

Tips for colorful earrings that last:

. Do not expose your Ciléa jewelry to abrasive products such as detergents or perfume (in too large quantities)
. Do not leave your Anemone curls in the sun for too long as this will make them fade over the years. 

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