ANÉMONE, maxi long earrings



Since 1995, the Anemone treasure has always been your safe bet: the trendy, timeless, original and especially colorful costume jewelry. It continues to seduce us because it is incomparable and timeless. 

. Workshop labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France”.

. Total weight of the pair: 10 grams.
. Dimensions of a flower : 5 x 7,5 cm.
. Composition : Emaline.
. Gold-plated earrings.

. Available with Clip system (for non-pierced ears) or Stem (for pierced ears).



Discover the work of the Ciléa Paris team of high fashion accessory designers.

The luminous and singular rendering of this jewel is obtained following the work of the material in different forms: the matification, the setting in brilliance, the pearling, the deformation or the inclusion of the resin.
These processes require an exceptional talent, acquired by the Ciléa craftsmen over the years.

Unique high-end earrings :

. The earrings in clip or pierced ears that we offer are 100% handmade in France by our team of craftsmen. Each earring is unique and has its own particularities and assets. 

. The dyes we use are made in Rennes, in the secret enclosure of our workshop. The craft of the dyes can generate very small variations of color from one jewel to another. 

Our little tips for a pair of earrings that lasts over time :

. The sun is not recommended for your Anemone earrings. 
. Too much water, perfume or any other household product is really not appreciated. 

Delivery time for my flower earrings :

. The production time of these handmade earrings varies between 1 and 5 working days. These delays depend mostly on whether the earrings are made on demand or if they are available in stock. 
. Delivery times vary and details are available via this link.  

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