ANÉMONE, Small Brooch



“The anemone and the columbine, Have grown in the garden, Where melancholy sleeps, Between love and disdain” said Guillaume Apollinaire in his collection of poems Alcools in 1913. Sometimes all it takes is a touch of simplicity to create an irresistible and timeless brooch. This is the case of the colorful Anemone brooch, which seduces all compositions. It delights us! 

. Handmade in France since 1992. 
. Workshop labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France”.
. Jewelry delivered with certificate of authenticity, in a pouch and Ciléa box.

. Composition: Emaline. 
. A weight so light: 5 grams.
. Dimensions of the Anemone: 5 cm.



Making the iconic Anemone flower into a brooch requires years of experience from our team.
The Anemone by Ciléa has its own unique look. That’s because the main material used for its manufacture, Emaline, is the result of a singular work of several very precise steps: from the cutting to the assembly of our love flower. 

A rainbow of colors :

. A Ciléa jewel is above all a unique jewel, just for you! Because each piece of jewelry is truly handcrafted, and has a unique personality, for a unique muse! 
. The thousand colors of our workshop could not exist if we did not make them ourselves. But this also implies that each jewel has its own shade of color. 

Delivery time for my flower brooch :

. We do everything (but really everything) in our hands to make your brooch very quickly. The manufacturing delays often vary from 1 to 5 days outside of the holiday season. This is due to the fact that most of our pieces are made to order.  
. Delivery times vary depending on the shipping method chosen during the confirmation of your order. 

A durable brooch is possible! 

. Yes, it is possible if you don’t expose it to too much sun.  
. And by not spraying it 24 hours a day with water, perfume or household products. 

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