DAISY, large pin’s


Marguerite pins handmade in France.

The name of the Marguerite comes from the Latin aster, which means star. This meaning was probably related to the many petals of this charming flower!

. Workshop labeled “Living Heritage Company”. 
. Jewel delivered with its certificate of authenticity. 

. Weight of this brooch : 8 grams.
. Dimensions of the daisy : 5 cm.
. Composition : Emaline. 





This XXL daisy-shaped pin requires many years of experience to our craftsmen before being able to be realized.
The shiny finish of this white or colored flowered costume jewelry is obtained by working with Emaline.
What is Emaline?

It is an ultra-light resin resulting from a unique process, which you will not find anywhere else and which gives it this incomparable shiny appearance. Its handcrafted work consists of a setting in brilliance, a deformation of the flower or a unique inlay of noble materials, such as 24-carat gold leaf for example. 

A labeled jewel :

. This large Marguerite pin (attention, it is not a brooch, but a large pin) is certified by the EPV label. This is a proof of the good handcrafted and FRENCH realization. It, like all other Ciléa jewelry, is therefore singular and different.
. The dyes are all handmade. There may be slight variations in color from one pin to another. 

Delivery time to receive my Pâquerette jewel:

. The workshop is working hard to create your large pin as soon as possible. Most of our jewels, including this pin, are made following the validation of your order. Thus, the delays will vary according to the characteristics of your request. Our manufacturing delays vary between 1 and 5 working days (except during periods of high demand: end of year celebrations, etc…). 
. For the delivery, it varies according to the mode chosen during the confirmation of your order. It will take 24 to 72 hours for France. And from 2 days to 5 working days for the foreigner.
More information is available on the “Delivery” page.

Advice for the conservation of your French jewelry:

Do not leave your large flower pin in the sun too long.
Do not expose it to water, perfume, or any household product.
Cleaning; use a soft cloth slightly moistened. Rubbing well is very effective to clean and bring shine to the metal parts of your jewelry.
Storage: Rather in a dry and cool place. Ideally in its delivery box. 
If you have any question about this, please contact us.

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