KYOTO, long gold and black earrings


Clip earrings or golden stems of French creation. They are totally handmade in our workshop labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France”.

The Ciléa team of craftsmen uses a unique know-how that has been kept secret since 1992!

. Handmade in France
. Ultra light on the ears: 18 grams per pair.
. Dimensions : 3 x 5,5 cm.
. The secret of their lightness ? A simple composition: resin.
. Brass fasteners gilded in France. 
. Available in stems, for pierced ears or clip, for non-pierced ears. 





It takes many years of experience for our craftsmen to be able to make these iconic KYOTO earrings with gold highlights. Ciléa’s signature jewelry, the KYOTO collection is a sure bet for a delicate and festive look. 

You don’t have pierced ears but dream of trying them on? Don’t panic! These beautiful earrings are also available with clip-on attachments. 

The luminous and textured rendering of these earrings is obtained by working the material in different ways: matting, shining, pearlizing, deforming or including the resin. 

Ethical French handmade earrings : 

. The jewels that we propose you are entirely realized in the hand, in a completely artisanal way. Each jewel is unique and has its own particularities and charm. 
. The dyes used are manufactured in an artisanal way, which can generate light variations of colors of a jewel to the other. 

How long does it take to receive my trendy earrings? 

. We do our best to create your future jewelry as soon as possible. Many of our pieces are made to order, which means that the production time of your order varies depending on the demand and the piece ordered. Our production times vary between 1 and 5 working days (except during periods of high demand: end of year celebrations, etc…). 
. Delivery times vary according to the mode of transport chosen during the confirmation of your order. 

Tips for durable earrings : 

Follow our advice carefully to preserve your Kyoto long earrings to infinity and beyond …. 
. Their golden texture does not support so much the exposure to the sun.
. You may damage them if you spray them with water, or abrasive liquids such as perfume or detergents. 
. Try to keep your Kyoto earrings in the protective bag provided when you receive your order. 

Offer a gift for women made in France: 

All our jewelry, including your beautiful earrings, are delivered in a protective pouch. The whole is arranged in a case engraved Ciléa Paris. We provide the invoice of payment via the e-mail that you communicate to us. That will enable you to offer without risk to the loved one these pretty Kyoto loops. If you wish to add a small personalized word, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Detailed description: 

These light earrings are composed of a clasp topped by three golden circles. These three circles come to rest on the earlobe. They each include concentric black lines that converge on a small black heart. This small heart is lacquered black, which makes it shiny and gives it an incomparable sparkle. It takes the form of pentagons of varying shapes. A fourth sphere is attached to the cabochon, so as to hang below the cabochon. The back of these earrings is black lacquered. The pair of earrings is very light since it weighs only 18 grams. The dimension of a single loop is 3cm wide for a length of 5.5 cm. The secret of their lightness? They are made of the material “Kyoto”, derived from the material Emaline, a resin enamelled in our workshop.
The history of Kyoto: Kyoto is the ancient historical capital of Japan. It is located on the island of Honshū. This city is admired for its various classical Buddhist temples, beautiful gardens and imperial palaces. Although he has never been to Japan, the creator of Ciléa has been influenced by a culture whose richness he has heard. Having developed a new exclusive material in 2010, he decided to attribute it to this model. The harmony that makes up this jewel comes from a thorough research of the coherence of the positioning of the different cyclic shapes of this brooch. They alone evoke the sobriety and elegance of Japanese customs, which still permeate the world of Ciléa.


These imposing earrings have the advantage of being very light. They convey a chic and elegant allure while being subtle. I designed them with the idea of pairing them with a black dress or a sober ensemble.

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