LINDSAY, satin effect brooch



Handmade jewel in France.

. So light: 15 grams.
. Dimensions: 10 x 7cm.
. Composition: Emaline, resin enamelled in our workshop in Rennes.



This flowery brooch bears all the character of its name: enthusiasm, determination, joie de vivre… But also elegance, magic, voluptuousness! It is a major asset in this season.

Did you know that? The name Lindsay is of English origin. It is also spelled Lindsey which means: “Lincoln’s land”.

Our jewellery is totally made in France, handmade in our workshop in Rennes, France, which has been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France” label. The Ciléa team of craftsmen has been using a unique and secret know-how since 1992!
Do not hesitate to contact us via the Custom Service for any special colour request. 

An original gift for women:

. The women’s fancy brooches we offer are entirely handmade, in a totally artisanal way. This means that each piece of jewellery is unique. Our brooches are an ideal gift for the women around you. They are a sure value!
. The dyes used to decorate these colours are manufactured in a totally artisanal way. This handmade production is therefore a factor of colour variations between two brooches of the same model. 

The time required for the production and delivery of this colourful fancy brooch :

. Many of our pieces are made to order, which means that your flower brooch will be made especially and uniquely for you. It will take between 1 and 5 working days for your future flower brooch to be made from the date of order. 
. Delivery times vary according to the mode of transport you have chosen during the confirmation of your order. For a delivery in France, it will be necessary to count between 1 working day to 1 week but for an order abroad, these times will widen. For a delivery by registered mail, count about one month of delivery (except for exceptional periods, which make the delays very random). The Chronopost service will ensure a much faster delivery. For more information, go to our delivery page.

Tips for preserving my original art deco brooch:

To maximize the life of your craft brooch, try following these tips : 
. Try as much as possible not to wear your coloured fancy brooches when doing sports or any physical activity (even cleaning). 
. Try not to expose them to prolonged sunlight as this will fade their colourful petals over time. 
. Do not expose your women’s coloured brooch to perfume or any household products. 
. To clean and dust your jewellery, we advise you to rub it gently with cold soapy water (you will have to be more energetic on the structure of the metal brooch). 

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