Guide and selection of high quality red jewellery! Handmade and made in France

Since the beginnings of Ciléa, the color red has come back as obvious.

Highlighting the facial features, it expresses vitality and passion through its warmth. Since ancient Rome, it has been a symbol of honor and power.

The anemone, first of all, could not fit into this trend. It was presented for a very long time in the color red purple, before being nuanced by different shades. The search for new colors has enabled the Ciléa workshop to offer more subtle and varied colors.

Then will come flowers that are just as timeless, such as the peony, the geranium and, of course, the Rose, the supreme symbol of passionate love.

Good to know: Its complementary color is green. This association will highlight the contrast between two radically different colors. If you are looking for discretion, opt for a harmony of colors, between orange and purple. Black is also a safe bet to combine your red accessories.

Nature is also full of many red themes from ladybug to mushrooms to carmine to cherries. The figurative aspect of Ciléa jewelry could obviously not miss this natural wealth.