Earrings: how to choose your fastening ?

You’ve found the earrings of your dreams, but can’t choose between the different fastenings ? No worries, we’ll explain you:

Each woman is unique, so we can’t offer only 1 earrings closing. We’re doing our best to make everyone happy ! Indeed you can choose between 3 fastenings : 2 for pierced ears, 1 for non-pierced ears. 


For pierced ears




The dormeuse fastening puts the earring just under the ear.

It allows a light movement of the jewelry. 

Light, chic, it slims the silhouette and it’s convenient to all forms of face. 







For pierced ears



The tige puts the earrings directly on the ear. Made of a gold-plated straight stem, it’s among the most common fastenings. 

Modern, easy to use, invisible and strong, it brings charism to the earrings. 








For non-pierced and pierced ears




Clips fastening allows people without pierced ears to wear earrings. It’s also used by people with sensible ears, damaged ears or with allergies. 

Made of a special system created in our workshop, you just have to “clip” the earrings on your ears to fit it. The attach is solid, you can wear them all day without risks of loosing the jewelry. 

Convenient for both pierced and non-pierced ears, this is perfect for present if you have any doubt !