Special Orders


  Have you spotted a model but want a specific color?
Do you want to match an Anemone to your dress for an event?
Do you dream of your unique custom model?

You are in the right place ! Discover our new tailor-made service, the Ciléa Service!


How does it work ?

I want an existing piece of jewelry, but in a color I can choose:

  1. Send your request via the contact form below, specifying in the email the desired jewel and describing the desired color.
  2. The advice team will then offer you a selection of shades from among the hundred possible colors.
  3. Once the color has been chosen, the jewel will be produced and sent. It takes a maximum of one week to make the jewelry on demand.
  4. We dance for joy when we discover our custom jewelry!


I would like advice to choose a piece of jewelry, for maintenance, to choose my earrings attachment, …

  1. Contact the advisory team using the form below, explaining your request.
  2. Our team of fashion specialists are at your disposal to advise and accompany you throughout your online shopping session.


I want to create my unique and custom-made piece of jewelry, or customize an existing piece of jewelry.

  1. Contact the creative team using the form below, explaining your request.
  2. The creative team will ask you questions about the desired colors, your inspirations, possible materials, etc. If you can, prepare photos, drawings, anything that can help the team to understand your wishes.
  3. Once the design team has a clear idea of ​​the jewelry to be created, you will receive a custom quote.
  4. After validation of the quote, manufacturing begins. We send you a photo of your jewel at each stage of the creation process to validate together the good progress of the manufacture.
  5. The main steps of validation are during the creation of the prototype: color tests, material tests, shape tests, …
  6. Once the prototype is fully validated, the jewel will be manufactured in its final version and will be sent to you.
  7. It takes a total of 2 to 3 weeks delay between the validation of the quote and the shipping.