1 colour, 1 jewel

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of colours offered by Ciléa.

Looking for a jewel in a specific shade? Then you’ve come to the right place! Explore our selection of jewels sorted by colours and patterns to make your search easier. Don’t forget that each piece of jewellery can be personalised on request, so you can choose the colour that suits you best…


Looking for a particular style? We’ve sorted them for you:

Pink, evoking softness and femininity, red symbolising passion and energy, orange representing vitality and creativity, and violet associated with royalty and spirituality, offer choices rich in jewellery meaning.

Blue embodies serenity and confidence, while green is associated with nature and growth. Brown suggests stability and warmth, black evokes elegance and mystery, and white symbolises purity and innocence.

By adding a special dimension to jewellery, these colour meanings make it possible to choose pieces according to particular emotions or intentions.


You can also explore our range of flakes and sequins for even more unique and creative looks.

Add a touch of originality to your daytime outfits or shine in the evening !
Whether as a brooch, earrings or even a necklace, find the jewel that’s just right for you !


If you have a preference for a certain colour associated with a particular model, don’t hesitate to let us know !

Our workshop is ready to turn your dreams into reality by making a personalised piece of jewellery that perfectly reflects your tastes. We’re looking forward to turning your ideas into reality and creating a piece that’s uniquely yours.

Contact us today to bring your vision to life ! 💌