Broche graphique contemporaine dorée d'inspiration japonaiseBroche graphique contemporaine dorée d'inspiration japonaise

KYOTO, golden brooch


Graphic and contemporary golden brooch of Japanese inspiration.

Our jewelry is totally handmade in our workshop in Rennes, France, which has been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France” label.

The Ciléa team of craftsmen uses a unique know-how around a very light material.

. Available in one size
. Light weight of the brooch: 25 grams.
. Total dimensions of the element : 6,5 x 10 cm.
.Composition of your brooch : Emaline, unique resin, enamelled in our workshop in Rennes.


KYOTO, the chic and trendy ultra light brooch

The timeless ultra chic brooch from Ciléa Bijoux is made from a 100% Breton handcrafted process. Its golden reflections illuminate a sober outfit for a successful evening ensemble. It will take you on a magical journey to that far away land. Let yourself be tempted by a real piece of art to personalize your outfit! Japan is within reach.

The secrets of Ciléa French craftsmanship:

What does Ciléa, the French arts and crafts workshop, mean?

. It is first of all a French workshop, located in the heart of Brittany, Rennes.
. It is also a team of craftsmen dedicated to the creation and manufacture of jewelry to accompany women and men in their daily lives.
. It is also the search for a ceaseless innovation, with the development of new processes and exclusive materials.
. These are processes around a fabulous material, which has made the success of our House; the Emaline material.
. It is a listening and an attention brought to our customers, which are our greatest pride.

How is my chic brooch made?

It takes many years of experience for our craftsmen to be able to make these brooches with golden reflections and deep black lines.
The matte, luminous and textured finish of this haute couture brooch is obtained by working the material in different ways: matting and gilding with a brush, pearlizing the black hearts, deforming all the elements, including the resin or assembling all the elements of the brooch.

Workshop labeled Living Heritage for a unique brooch:

In our workshop in Rennes, everything is done entirely by hand. Thus, the brooches we offer are entirely handmade. Craftsmanship is the watchword of Ciléa! Each Kyoto brooch is therefore unique and has its own particularities and unconditional charm.
Also, the dyes used are handcrafted in the same way. This characteristic results in many variations of colors. It will be almost impossible to get two brooches of exactly the same color.

Delivery time for my golden brooch:

We put all our heart and our reactivity to make your Kyoto brooch as soon as possible.
However, many of our pieces are made to order. This means that the time it takes to manufacture your order will vary depending on the request you make and the piece you order.
Our lead times vary from one day to five business days. This will vary if the period during which you place your order is a period of high demand, such as during the holidays.
Delivery times vary depending on the shipping method you choose during your order confirmation. 

All our tips for a long lasting brooch:

To keep your Kyoto brooch forever, you need :
. Avoid leaving it too long in the sun
. Do not expose it to water, perfume or any household products. 
. Keep it if possible in its small protective bag in which the brooch was delivered to you.

Detailed description :

The Kyoto brooch is mounted on a classic brooch holder, engraved Ciléa Bijoux. It is composed of 6 whole circles, assembled in a random way. These six circles are engraved in a concentric way. They are directed towards the center of the circle. The golden material is matt, that is to say that it is slightly grained. Small shiny black hearts in the shape of a pentagon are placed on the six circles. Each circle is rounded, so that it forms a bowl with the edges facing the top of the brooch. This Kyoto brooch weighs 25 grams, which makes it very easy to wear. It measures 6.5 centimeters by 10 centimeters. It is made entirely of Kyoto material, derived from Emaline material. It is a resin glazed in our workshop in Rennes. Kyoto is the ancient historical capital of Japan. It is located on the island of Honshū. This city is admired for its various classical Buddhist temples, beautiful gardens and imperial palaces. It is also known for its world-famous cuisine, kaiseki cuisine. Or for the Gion district, the geisha district. Although he has never been to Japan, the creator of Ciléa has been influenced by a culture whose richness he has heard. Having developed a new exclusive material in 2010, he decided to attribute it to this model. The harmony that makes up this jewel comes from a thorough research of the coherence of the positioning of the different cyclic shapes of this brooch. They alone evoke the sobriety and elegance of Japanese customs, which still permeate the world of Ciléa.


The Kyoto brooch has been an obvious choice for many years. It is a very important part of the Ciléa Bijoux identity. Its geometry and lightness make it a must-have and explain its immense worldwide success.