The Jewelry

Choose among the multitude of costume jewelry made in France, in a handcrafted and reasoned way.

Would you prefer Mini earrings for a discreet look with a touch of color? Or Maxi earrings with clips for non-pierced ears?
Or maybe you are looking for an exceptional jewelry brooch to dress up a sweater, a dress or a coat?
If you’re looking for gift ideas, look for customizable pendants and necklaces, an adjustable ring or hair clips 100% made in France! 


From our iconic jewelry

The craftsmanship of Ciléa

Since its conception in 1992, under the passionate direction of Stéphane Ravel, Ciléa Bijoux has carved its path to become a renowned French artisan workshop in the world of jewelry. Located in the heart of Brittany, in the historic city of Rennes, our workshop is the hub of creativity where our unique pieces are born, each jewel being handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Our reputation for craftsmanship excellence is firmly established, thanks to our dedication to quality and our commitment to French artisanal traditions. As a Living Heritage Company, we are proud to perpetuate this artisanal heritage while adapting to changes in fashion and contemporary trends.

The materials we use are carefully selected for their quality and aesthetics, ranging from resins such as Émaline, Domino, Saint-Paul, Tutu, Mira, and Kyoto, which bring our colorful and vibrant creations to life, to precious metals and gemstones that add a touch of elegance and refinement to our pieces.

Our diverse range of jewelry offers something for every occasion and personality. From delicate rings to bold earrings, from enchanting necklaces to elegant brooches, our creations are designed to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of every woman. Each piece we create is an expression of love and admiration for the modern woman, capturing her grace, strength, and zest for life through exquisite designs and vibrant colors.

At Ciléa Bijoux, we believe that jewelry goes beyond mere accessories; they are symbols of self-confidence, personal expression, and emotional connection. That’s why each piece we create is infused with our passion for art, our commitment to craftsmanship, and our love for the woman who will wear it.