Welcome to the flower jewelry workshop

Discover our online jewelry making workshop…
For a floral jewelry piece that looks like no other!


Choose from the 6 models offered. Pansy, Geranium, Anemone, Daisy, Tuba, or Cecile.
All that’s left is to customize your floral jewel by adding the details of your choice.

Rings, brooches, earrings, pins, or pendants, …
You imagine it, we take care of creating your personalized jewel!
Starting from €45.


Ciléa Bijoux handmade jewelry embodies a rich artisan heritage and tradition of quality. Each piece is the fruit of the meticulous and passionate work of talented craftsmen, whose know-how has been handed down from generation to generation.

These jewels are much more than mere accessories. They carry a history, an identity, and reflect French craftsmanship in all its splendor. Every detail is carefully crafted, every piece is carefully selected, and every motif is precisely shaped.

Ciléa Paris high-fashion jewel is a declaration of love for traditional craftsmanship, a celebration of French history and culture, and a commitment to the values of quality, authenticity and durability. Each piece becomes a living testimony to the excellence of French craftsmanship, conveying a precious heritage across time and space.

Wearing a piece of Ciléa handmade jewelry is not only wearing a unique and authentic piece, but also participating in the preservation of a precious cultural and artisanal heritage. Each piece of jewelry tells a story and celebrates the excellence of French craftsmanship, making the wearer a true ambassador of French tradition and elegance.