Ciléa Numéro



We are proud to present our new collection of handcrafted objets d’art, the fruit of the collaboration of our talented artisans.

These unique pieces reflect the richness and diversity of French expertise.

Each piece has been designed and crafted with passion and expertise, using sustainable materials.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant mirror to brighten up your home, a floral box to evoke a warm atmosphere, or a beautiful chess set to add a touch of elegance to your room, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our collection.


Our collection is a celebration of traditional arts and crafts, and a tribute to the creativity and skill of our artisans. We hope that these handcrafted works of art will find a place in your life, evoking precious emotions and memories.

We invite you to discover this unique collection, explore each piece and appreciate the beauty and authenticity of each one. We are certain that you will be seduced by the quality and finesse of these objects.

Thank you for your interest in our collection of handcrafted art objects. We hope you enjoy this unique artistic experience.


1, 2, 3… What do these numbers reveal ?


boite-de-luxeA numbered art object is a work of art produced in limited quantities and individually numbered.

This numbering guarantees the authenticity of each copy of the work.

Ciléa numbered works of art take the form of engravings on the backs of the works. The numbering is carried out with care and precision, using techniques that guarantee the uniqueness of each copy.

Witch eye mirrors are round convex mirrors that diffuse light throughout a room.

First appearing in Northern Europe in the 16th century, they were first used by merchants as a “third eye” to keep an eye on their shops, before making their way into bourgeois interiors.
It was the latter who nicknamed them “witches’ mirrors” or “witches’ eyes” because they were thought to have magical powers.



The chessboard is made up of 64 squares of alternating colours (white and black), arranged in 8 rows and 8 columns. Each player has 16 pieces: a king, a queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks and eight pawns.

The chessboard has a long history and great cultural importance in many parts of the world. Chess is considered to be a game of strategy and intellectual reflection, which helps to develop concentration, creativity and logic.

This chessboard has turned each pawn into a small animal statuette, sculpted and worked with great precision. This art chessboard combines aesthetics with the playful aspect of chess. It can also be used as an elegant decorative piece in sophisticated interiors.








Ciléa Numéro boxes come in many different shapes and sizes.

The decorative art boxes combine the practicality of a box with the beauty and aesthetics of a work of art.








Ciléa Numero pens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thanks to this know-how, these decorative, colourful and original art pens manage to elegantly combine the utility of a pen with the aesthetics of a work of art, transforming themselves into functional decorative objects.