Unique know-how

Our mission since 1992: to offer you original jewellery, handmade in France, in small quantities.


When you buy a Ciléa jewel, you are buying a jewel made in a responsible way. 


What do we mean by this? We explain: 

A made-to-order jewel means that we don’t produce any stock, we make each jewel once you have ordered it. This allows us not to manage large stocks, and to produce only what we sell: so no overproduction, no losses, no unsold items, and no sales! 

We can afford to produce on demand because everything is handmade by our small team, and not in a factory or by an external supplier. Whether we make the same piece of jewellery 1 or 100 times, the manufacturing process will be identical. The main advantage is that we keep full control over our production, from the design to the finished piece. 

However, this 100% handmade production limits our production capacity, but that’s what makes our jewellery rare. And yes, you won’t find our rings on everyone’s fingers! That’s why when you order a piece of Ciléa jewellery, it may take a few days before we can send your order. Indeed quality craftsmanship takes time; time to make each piece of jewellery in small quantities in our workshop. 

For the sake of efficiency, some of the most popular pieces are made in several copies during an order. For example, if you order a red Anemone ring, we may make 2 or 3 more so that future orders can be processed more quickly. But these stocks remain in the minority so that we do not have to stock too many products. 


The ecological impact of our jewellery is extremely reduced thanks to the centralisation of our production. Indeed, all the stages of production of our jewellery are carried out in the same workshop, we do not make our creations travel at each stage of production.


The Ciléa team of craftsmen is small, we were 7 until the Covid crisis, we are now 4. This small team allows us to be very reactive to your special requests, and to offer you a closer and more personalized service! Don’t hesitate: If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you. 


Our products are very durable. They are made to be worn for a lifetime and the next, to be passed on from generation to generation, they are an investment in the future. But if despite all our efforts, your jewel gets damaged over time, do not hesitate to contact us to repair it. And even better, if you are tired of your brooch or pair of earrings, we will be happy to transform it to give it a second life at your side. 


A unique know-how since 1992. 


The creation of a Ciléa jewel requires above all years of learning.
From the design to the finishing of the jewel, many very special techniques are required.
Thanks to the collaboration and the meticulousness of the Ciléa craftsmen, we witness the metamorphosis of a raw material into an original piece of jewellery.




The first stage of creation is a multitude of sketches, drawings and random shapes. With a slip of the pencil, the lines gradually take the shape of a jewel. The most difficult part is then to refine these shapes to make a jewel appear distinctly: the passage from imagination to reality.


We try, we make, we undo and then we redo. We assemble and reassemble the elements, we look for materials and colours that go well together. The process is gradually refined, until the magic happens. After a day, a week, or a month of research, the imagined jewel is born in the hands of the craftsman. 

A few more adjustments and that’s it; the prototype is validated. Then comes the moment to compose the collection that will arrive at your home a few months later. For this, the jewel is made in several carefully chosen colours.


The manufacturing process consists of several stages, all of which are equally necessary for the shaping of your jewel. For each piece of jewellery, everything starts with the cutting of the shapes and materials that make it up. Over the years, we have developed unique materials called Emaline, Domino, Saint-Paul, Tutu, Mira and Kyoto resins. Each of these resins are created in our workshop from raw resins. 




The “Living Heritage Company of France” Label

In 2018, Ciléa Bijoux was awarded the state label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”,
a mark of distinction awarded by Mr Bruno le Maire, French Minister of the Economy and Finance.

In the face of increased global competition and globalisation of trade, recognition of the qualities of French-made products can be difficult. In order to simplify the identification of craftsmen and industries mastering rare know-how, the EPV label was created under the aegis of the public authorities.

Granted by the French State, the EPV label is based on a very rigorous selection procedure and aims to highlight the high technicality, creativity or cultural significance of manufacturing activities. The awarded companies are, for example, the goldsmith Christofle, the violin maker Bois d’Harmonie, the cutler Graveline or the caterer Potel et Chabot.

 The EPV label is the only distinction awarded to French companies for the excellence of their know-how. Following a thorough audit of the workshop and the manufacturing processes, Ciléa Bijoux obtained this label thanks to advanced working methods that are entirely made in France. 


Unique, handmade art objects

Discover our new collection Ciléa Numéro: luxury decorative objects, unique and numbered creations, extraordinary volumes, for colorful and original pieces.

In the continuity of the made-to-measure jewelry, Maison Ciléa develops its know-how and its creativity in order to offer you extraordinary decorative creations.

Numéro 5: the Kyoto Witch

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