MIRROR | Number 24

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. Numbered, custom-made items.
. Handmade mirror in Rennes.
. Workshop with EPV label, “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France“.
. Diameter : 27 cm 
. Composition: Emmaline, hand-enamelled resin and wood.




In order to develop the creativity and expertise of the company’s jewellery craftsmen, Ciléa decided to create pieces to decorate interiors, and wall ornamentation was an obvious choice. The artistic objects on offer are conceived as exceptional one-off pieces. They are design creations, trendy and elegant, all of which have an everyday use. The first objects in this collection are the mirrors, all numbered one by one. This one is number twenty-four.


The trend is for strong pieces that tell a story and have an unmistakable elegance. These are the criteria that we integrate into our Ciléa Numéro creations day after day. We believe that everyday objects can also add an artistic dimension to interiors. Every detail counts to create a harmonious whole. This mirror is a piece that you can’t remain indifferent to. You just have to get up close to it to see all the elements that make it up, creating a look that’s both chic and subtle. The mirror is an ideal decorative object because it can be hung in almost any room in the house. So it’s a versatile little decorative object: mirror facing the bed, mirror in the bathroom, mirror in the bedroom, hall mirror…