PETITS POIS, art brooch


Gourmet green brooch of art deco inspiration.

. Original composition: Emaline (resin enamelled in our workshop in Rennes), pearls. 
. Light: 15 grams.
. Dimensions of the brooch: 9 x 6 cm.



The Petit Pois brooch combines strength and elegance. We particularly appreciate its mix of materials. Between the pearly aspect of the pearls, and the shine of our flagship material, the golden metal of the curly stem, and the ratification conferred to the hand painted leaves. 

Note: This brooch can also be worn as a pendant at the end of a golden metal necklace or a large chain. 

It takes many years of experience for our craftsmen to be able to make these art-inspired green pea brooches. Adorn this handmade and hand-enameled art brooch from the Exquisite Timeless collection. Discover the costume jewelry of this gourmet set to dress up your outfits with a gourmet touch. 

Breton workshop labeled EPV:

HAND-MADE JEWELRY: The jewels we offer are entirely hand-made, in a totally artisanal way. Each jewel is unique and has its own particularities and charm. 
HAND-MADE COLORS: The dyes used are hand-made, which may cause slight variations in color from one piece of jewelry to another. 

Delays for the reception of my ethical jewelry : 

MANUFACTURING: Many of our pieces are made to order, which means that the production time for your order varies depending on the demand and the piece ordered. Our production times vary between 1 and 5 working days (except during periods of high demand: end of year celebrations, etc…). But don’t worry, whatever your order is, we do everything possible to produce it as soon as possible! 
SHIPPING: Delivery times vary according to the mode of transport chosen during the confirmation of your order. 

Our three tips for a long-lasting pin :

NO SUN: Do not leave your brooch in the sun for too long.
NO HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS: Do not expose it for too long to perfume or any household products. 
PROTECTIVE BAG: Keep it as much as possible in its original protective packaging. 

An ethical art gift made in France: 

All jewelry from Maison Ciléa will be delivered to you with a certificate of authenticity. They are placed in a protective bag marked in gold by Ciléa. The whole is arranged in an engraved case then in a bubble bag or a box according to the destination. We do not put the payment invoice in your package. This allows you to offer in all serenity a gift handmade in France.

Detailed description:

Three pea pods make up this brooch. Two pods are empty while the third one includes three fancy pearls. This very light brooch is apple green. It is also available in clip or stem earrings. 


The pea brooch is a sure value for a woman’s art gift. It is a mixture of still life in the Paul Cézanne style and poetic realism. It represents for me a timeless fantastic tale and that I hope eternal! 

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