How can we explain the return of vintage fashion and, above all, how to adopt it? We explain it all to you.




Perhaps you have already succumbed to some of the codes of this “new” fashion… From clothes with ruched cuts, to the most kitschy decorations, to the return of thrift stores and grandma’s gem!  Fashion has decided to make something new out of something old. But the vintage trend did not come from nowhere: the search for unique and quality pieces, the desire to be environmentally friendly, but above all to have a strong style! And to embrace it to the fullest, there’s nothing like beautiful jewellery sets and creations straight from the past decades.

At Ciléa, we design original, quality jewellery inspired by nature but also by this new trend of the past. From whimsical golden creoles to unique coloured brooches and large flowery necklaces, you are bound to find something to suit your taste… Whether for yourself or as a gift for a loved one! And Christmas is coming… A vintage brooch under the tree, it’s a great effect, isn’t it?



Bruno brooch, Anemone necklace, Pomerole hair clip

Chic and vintage: these are the two essential guidelines of the Art Deco style. Ultra-elegant, it is often seen as the “bling-bling” version of retro vintage style. It appeared in the 1920s and has these characteristics: symmetry, superimposed shapes, curves, metallic colours (gold, chrome…), contrast between shine and matte effect. Some of these characteristics can be found in the design of Ciléa’s French handmade jewellery. Indeed, some high-fashion brooches will be bi-material with one part of the jewel in velvet, and the other shiny. Others will rely on the refined and elegant side of this style with intertwining movements and materials: The Pomerole collection is a mixture of crystals, shine and details, as we can see. The Bruno brooch is a golden brooch with pearls that seems to come straight from this era. 


tendance-creoles-or-argent-clipsLulu Creoles, Cécile Creoles

The 90’s trend is back! Gold or silver hoop earrings, classic or with pendants, either way, they will give you a crazy style! Ciléa’s fancy hoop earrings flatter the face and accentuate the feminine features. Light and refined, they give a touch of style while remaining discreet. Our designers have quickly seized on this new trend to offer you original and colourful earrings made of quality materials! Handcrafted earrings that you can’t do without… 


broche-dorée-noire-originale-vintageKyoto brooch

Long forgotten, the brooch is the original and stylish accessory to be inserted everywhere in your outfits! Its popularity rose at the beginning of the Art Deco period. It has blossomed in many forms on the outfits of elegant women, while keeping a special place in the world of jewellery. Very often, it is associated with formal or parade outfits, but it should not be forgotten that the brooch is above all a piece of jewellery that enhances the garment. It is a real asset in everyday life! Family jewellery, brooches often have a unique value for the person to whom they belong. This is why we like to offer you quality brooches, original and colourful brooches, with various inspirations. This way, you can pass them on from generation to generation, but also treat yourself by adding a touch of elegance to your jacket or jumper… By the way, are you wondering how to wear a brooch? Go here.


barrette-fleur-colorée-de-qualité-pour-femmeBarrette Yvette, Bérénice, Daisy, Jeanne, Anémone

The trendy accessory of our childhood is back! The barrette is reasserting itself as THE it-accessory, we see them today in the street, on the catwalk, on instagram… Many have already taken the plunge! That’s why we’ve created all kinds of hair clips for you: some are floral, others more geometric, but they all have something in common: their lightness and numerous colours. Adopting one of them means offering yourself countless new and original hairstyles to achieve! You can combine your original vintage hair clip with other jewellery from the same collection (or not) for an even more personalised look. So, are you won over by this trend?



Feel free to share with us your opinion on this new vintage trend, if you adhere to it, or not? If so, share your favourite retro looks with us! We will be happy to see people who, like us, are adept. Indeed, wearing vintage style jewellery has quickly become part of the way we dress at Ciléa. Original dangling earrings, daisy flower necklace, silver creole, jewel brooch, vintage cherry earrings, cherry brooch… We love this quality costume jewellery! Ciléa Paris French fashion jewellery is all handcrafted, meticulously made by our Rennes-based artisans. We try to meet your expectations as much as possible by integrating diversity and accessibility in our way of creating. Thus, you will find original clip-on earrings, sleeper earrings and finally post earrings. So everyone can wear these French jewels for women! And yes, because Ciléa Paris is a company advocating the made in France label! Labelled in 2018 as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), our original costume jewellery designers are delighted with the success and your feedback regarding our services and creations so, Thank you!