What are the fashion trends to adopt in 2023? We tell you all about it!


Trends change and evolve over the years. Some remain, others are forgotten… And others are born! What about those of 2023 ?

We decipher with you the trends not to be missed in this 31st anniversary year! Colours to wear, clothing styles, jewellery to accessorise… They are all subject to new trends and ways of wearing them.

At Ciléa, we create trendy costume jewellery that is mostly timeless, i.e. it crosses all fashions and generations. But we also create original jewellery to match these trends.


Enjoy reading !


2023 & FASHION


🌸 This year’s fashion trends focus on individuality, self-expression and exploring new styles. Fashionable pieces for this season include comfortable cuts, bold patterns and bright colours.

✨ The loungewear trend continues to dominate, with comfortable, casual clothing such as sweatpants, sweatshirts and jumpsuits. However, these pieces can also be found in more sophisticated styles for a comfortable and stylish, sometimes stunning look.

🦋 Bold patterns, such as floral prints, stripes and animal prints, are also popular this season. These patterns can be worn alone or paired with simpler pieces to create an interesting contrast. In fact, we have a large collection of animal jewellery in brooches and earrings, which are too cute and ideal if you want to get on board with the trend!

🌺 When it comes to accessories, oversized jewellery continues to dominate, with large earrings, thick bracelets and statement necklaces. If you want to be daring, why not check out our maxi jewellery? Maxi anemone earrings, large brooches… There’s plenty of choice.

♻️ Finally, upcycling and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in the fashion world. Brands are focusing on reusing materials and creating sustainable pieces with less environmental impact. At Ciléa, we have always embraced this mode of consumption by producing jewellery to order, which avoids surplus production and allows us to make an authentic piece of jewellery designed specifically for you !




While previous years looked back with admiration to past decades, 2023 celebrates the advent of hues that have not yet been seen, invoking a renewal of style. While the flamboyant shades of the seventies will continue to be omnipresent, they are now being challenged by softer, “all-purpose” colours that could even be described as reassuring.

. Viva Magenta! Voted by Pantone as the colour of the year 2023, it could be associated with ideas such as passion, creativity and energy. This bright and bold colour is used in clothing, accessories, interior design and even in advertising campaigns to attract attention and generate enthusiasm. However, it is important to remember that the colour of the year is just one trend among many and it is important to choose colours that reflect your own style and personality. For those who wish to wear them, the Ciléa shop has many jewellery models that offer similar colours: original earrings, vintage brooch jewellery, large flowery pendant… And if you find your happiness ?



. Cobalt blue! It is a bright, intense colour that lies between blue and violet. This hue takes its name from the mineral cobalt, which was used to produce the colour in paints and pigments. Cobalt blue is often associated with innovation, creativity, intelligence and confidence. It can be used to create elegant and modern looks in fashion and design. Indeed, cobalt blue can be used as a main colour to add a bright and bold splash of colour to an outfit or interior piece. It can also be combined with neutral colours such as white, black and grey to create a striking contrast. So, if you want to add a bright and bold splash of colour to your wardrobe or interior design, cobalt blue might be a great option to consider. At Ciléa, we love this colour and try to offer trendy jewellery in similar shades.


. Beige! Beige is a timeless neutral colour, often associated with sophistication, elegance, simplicity and naturalness. In fashion, beige has been one of the trendy colours in recent years and continues to top the catwalks to this day. It is often found in minimalist outfits, coordinating ensembles and loose-fitting garments to create an elegant and casual look. Beige can be combined with other neutral colours such as white, black and grey for a monochrome look, or with brighter colours to create an interesting contrast. At Ciléa, all jewels are available in beige because it is a safe and easy-to-wear colour that can be combined with other colours. Fancy beige earrings, original beige brooch, beige flower ring… The choice is yours!


At Ciléa, 2023 is a sign of renewal. New concepts, new collections, new activities… Innovation is at its peak with our craftsmen!

Indeed, we try to adapt to the taste of the day while keeping our unique and whimsical style, revealed with our secret know-how. Trendy colours and timeless jewellery hold no secrets for us, allowing us to offer you original, colourful, quality jewellery that will last for generations! As we have done for over 30 years, we continue to bring French craftsmanship to life by using a unique know-how that is kept secret.

This know-how has been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label in 2018. Here are some of the collections and models that appeared this year :