Box Bourdon with mini earrings + brooch



To make the gift that will make everyone happy, discover our boxes made of colourful jewellery. This set of mini earrings + bumblebee brooch will make people happy.

. Composition: Emmaline, (resin, hand enamelled in our workshop) | 24 ct gold leaf. 
. Weight : 5 grams for a pair of earrings, 10 grams for a brooch.
. Gold-plated earring fasteners.

. Other combinations available for this set :

coffret-cadeau-bijoux-animaux-originauxpendant with chain + brooch Bourdon


coffret-bijoux-cadeau-originalpendant with chain + mini earrings Bourdon



Original gold-plated mini earrings

Bourdon mini earrings are ideal for discreetly displaying a unique piece of art. Each of our unique Bee earrings is the result of a unique French know-how allowing the inlay of 24ct gold leaf in our enamelled resin in our Rennes workshop: the Emaline.

It takes many years of experience for our craftsmen to be able to create these earrings with unique reflections. 
The luminous and textured rendering of these earrings is obtained by working the material in different ways: matification, brilliance, pearlescent, deformation or inclusion of resin. 

Why is my Abeille jewellery unique ? :

. The jewellery in this collection contains 24 ct gold leaf. Our embedding technique guarantees that the gold or silver in your jewellery will not blacken or bleed!
. This pair of mini bumblebees and this pendant are entirely handmade, in a totally artisanal way. Each bumblebee piece is therefore unique.

Deadline for receiving my beloved Bumblebee box set:

. We make every effort to create your small drones as quickly as possible. Many of our pieces are produced to order, which means that the production time of your order may vary depending on the demand and the piece ordered. Our production times vary between 1 and 5 working days (except during periods of high demand: end of year celebrations, and…)
. Also, delivery times vary according to the mode of transport chosen during the confirmation of your order. 

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