ANÉMONE, Large Ring



. Jewelry handmade in France since 1992.
. French workshop labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant de France”.
. Delivered with its certificate of authenticity, in its Ciléa pouch and box.
. Featherweight: 7 grams.
. Dimensions: 5 cm.
. Composition : resin.


Many years of experience are required by our craftsmen to be able to create these jewelleries. 
The luminous and singular rendering of these jewelleries is obtained thanks to the different forms of material transformation: matification, brilliance, pearling, deformation or inclusion of the resin.

Our craft process:
. The jewelleries we offer are entirely handmade and artisanal. Each jewellery is thus unique and has its peculiarities.
. The dyes used are our own creation, which can cause slight color variations from one jewellery to another.

Production time and Delivery:
. We try to create your jewellery as fast as possible, but quality takes time. Most jewelleries are manufactured at the order, implying a variation of the production time according to the piece chosen. Production time may vary between 1 and 5 working days (except high demand period: Christmas holidays,…).
. Delivery time depends on the mode of transportation chosen when confirming your order.

Conservation tips:
. Do not leave your jewellery under the sun.
. Do not expose it to water, perfume, or any household product. 

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