The inspirations of Ciléa Paris

Here are our three greatest sources of inspiration.


Welcome to the enchanting world of our fashion jewellery brand. In this article, we take a look at the great inspirations that bring our original French creations to life.

From the wildest nature to the most iconic works of art, each unique piece we design is a true tribute to the beauty and diversity of the world around us. Let yourself be carried away by our creative universe, where imagination meets French craftsmanship to create women’s costume jewellery that captures the essence of elegance and originality. Get ready to discover the sources of inspiration that have driven us to design trendy jewellery that will amaze your senses and make your personality shine.


I. The cinema 🎬

The glamorous world of cinema has inspired our fashion jewellery brand for over 30 years. From the timeless icons of the 1960s to the visionary talent of Wes Anderson, the silver screen has always been a major source of inspiration for our sparkling creations.


In the 60s, daring and elegant women such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot captivated audiences with their charm and iconic style. Their screen presence was electrifying, and they embodied grace, femininity and confidence. Their studied outfits, brilliant jewellery and captivating aura made them essential references in fashion and style. Inspired by these film divas, we strive to capture their essence in our cilea costume jewellery, creating original pieces of art that evoke the timeless elegance of the 60s. From slender gold necklaces to oversized earrings, our creations pay homage to these legendary icons and make you feel as radiant as they do.

wes-anderson-filmBut our inspiration doesn’t stop there. Wes Anderson, the genius of contemporary cinema, brings a unique aesthetic to each of his films. His works are brimming with bright colours, meticulously stylized sets and eccentric characters. Wes Anderson’s distinctive visual universe inspires us to push the boundaries of creativity and play with shapes, textures and bold colour combinations. We like to add a touch of originality to our costume jewellery, incorporating playful and surprising elements that reflect the eccentric charm of Wes Anderson’s films.

Whether drawing on the classic elegance of 60s icons or embracing the creative boldness of Wes Anderson, our fashion jewellery brand celebrates the art of cinema through unique and stunning pieces. We want our jewellery to transport you to a world where glamour meets originality, where cinematic influences are transformed into glittering sparkles around your neck, your ears, or even your fingers.

Let yourself be seduced by the magic of cinema and let our vintage jewellery take you on a journey of cinematic elegance. Whether you want to capture the essence of the 60s or embrace contemporary eccentricity, our creations are here to help you shine in the spotlight, wherever you go.



II. Nature 🌸

Our fashion jewellery brand draws its inspiration from the infinite beauty of nature. Each piece of handcrafted jewellery we create captures the radiance and delicacy of natural elements such as flowers, leaves and fruit. Nature, with its diversity and organic perfection, provides us with an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Flowers, timeless symbols of beauty and femininity, are one of our great inspirations. We capture the grace and fragility of petals in our floral jewellery, from anemone earrings to pansy flower pendants. Each piece of flower jewellery is designed to evoke the radiance of a flower garden, adding a touch of romance to your style.

Leaves symbolise growth, vitality and a connection to nature. We draw inspiration from their shapes and textures to create leaf jewellery that evokes the organic beauty of foliage. Suzanne’s leaf earrings, made from a fall of colourful leaves, reflect the natural elegance of the plants that surround us.

Finally, fruit symbolises vitality, sweetness and indulgence. We draw on their energy to create playful, colourful jewellery. From earrings in the shape of juicy strawberries to brooches representing a branch of peas, our fruity creations add a touch of freshness and vivacity to your style.

With our nature-inspired jewellery, we want you to connect with the very essence of our environment. Each piece is a tribute to nature’s dazzling beauty, allowing you to wear a piece of its brilliance with elegance. Whether you choose floral, leafy or fruity jewellery, our creations invite you to celebrate nature in all its splendour.



III. The journey 🌎


Every corner of the globe is full of unique motifs, symbols and traditions that inspire our creations. From Asian geometric designs to iconic animals and exotic plants, our original jewellery for women also draws on these global influences.

Asia, with its rich history and distinct aesthetic, offers us a multitude of geometric patterns that convey harmony and balance. Jewellery inspired by these Asian designs brings a touch of serenity and elegance to our collections.

Animals, powerful symbols of different cultures, also play an important role in our creations. Whether represented by original brooches or dangling earrings, our animal jewellery captures the energy and beauty of iconic animals. Majestic lions, colourful birds and sacred fish are transformed into unique pieces that tell a story and express a deep connection with nature.

Finally, delicate floral motifs and botanical details bring a touch of freshness and grace to our creations, recalling the dazzling diversity of the world’s flora.

When you wear our world jewellery, you take with you a piece of the world’s cultural heritage and beauty. Whether you want to embrace Asian elegance, celebrate animal power or be enchanted by exotic flora, our creations invite you to explore the treasures of the world.




In conclusion, our French fashion jewellery brand draws its inspiration from a vast and diverse world. From film icons to Asian geometric design jewellery, from iconic animal jewellery to exotic flower jewellery, each original piece of women’s jewellery we create tells a unique story and captures the essence of global influences. Ciléa Paris is a blend of all these inspirations, to which our designers are stimulated. If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or via our social networks.

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